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Empower your business with all-in-one enterprise management software to streamline your complex business process. Result- driven one stop - single platform odoo solution for mid-size to large level enterprises. Make your business more structured, streamlined and productive in a unique way with us.

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Integrate Odoo - your business tool!

Ideal open source solution for small and enterprise sized companies

Odoo (formerly OpenERP) offers a robust, and versatile approach to deliver value to your business. With the mainstream proprietary and legacy ERP business management systems, Odoo streamlines and integrates the operation processes with a uniform view of information within the organization. Odoo, implemented by Apps Team, is a perfect solution with the flexible and extensible end to end implementation and customization services.

Odoo brings managerial solutions for all, to manage and reshape your business processes efficiently. Apps Team is focused on providing world class Odoo solutions specific to your business needs. With the year's experience, We Are Experts, when it comes to doing innovation with quick turnaround time and pushing the boundaries of latest technologies. Discover the great opportunities with our Odoo offering.

Odoo is an open-source ERP Platform, which empowers businesses & enterprises to scale up their business functions with robust business applications.


Get a finely designed responsive custom website with an impressive graphical user interface that is truly comprehensive for your business, to turn your website visitors into customers.

  • custom websites
  • Ecommerce stores


Change your way of working with a 360-degree view of your sales process from marketing to the initial inquiry through to sales, delivery, invoicing and after sales customer marketing.

  • Custom Sales CRM
  • Invoicing
  • Point of sale


Gain new perspectives to automate your business functions, of almost all aspect, of area in which currently deliver to you with a custom-fit odoo solution for your company.

  • Accounting softwares
  • Project management
  • Inventory management

A Bunch Of Our Services

Implementation, Customization, Development, Consultancy And Much More

Odoo Implementation

Efficient deployment and easy configuration without any data leakage

Odoo Integration

configure & integrate to explore multiple functionalities for your business.

Odoo Theme Development

Astonishingly beautiful custom themes for your ideas, product or company.

Odoo Apps Development

Standardized end-to-end app solutions to meet your unique needs and objectives.

Odoo Customization

Easily adaptable and scalable turnkey solution with GAP analysis and process mapping.

Odoo Migration

Data extraction and cleansing along with the existing system analysis.

Odoo Upgrade

From small to medium sized companies we do upgrade for all sized online stores.

Odoo Support & Maintenance

Expert and professional support with quick response from our dedicated team.

The Way We Work

Agile, Collaborative Approach With Unique Workflow

Brainstorming& Requirement

Define and understand the realm of possibilities for your goals

Product Development

Robust, reliable and innovative, prolific products

UX/UI Design

Get your enticing designs, just like an icing on the cake

Product Launch

Taking it to the market to open up your sales channels!


Rigorous testing for errors and bugs if there are any


Brainstorming& Requirement

Define and understand the realm of possibilities for your goals


Product Development

Robust, reliable and innovative, prolific products


UX/UI Design

Get your enticing designs, just like an icing on the cake.


Product Launch

Robust, reliable and innovative, prolific products



Rigorous testing for errors and bugs if there are any

Modern And Up-To-Date Technology Stack

Right tool with No Lock-in, Set-up in minutes, sell in second

Odoo - flexible add-on commercial architectural model covering all business needs from Website and eCommerce, Finance, Manufacturing, Inventory and Accounting, all seamlessly integrated. Odoo offers promising agile development methodology and extraordinary flexibility for customization and adaptations.Get away from outdated technology, hassles, and headaches, and let us make your software work for you.

Unique and powerful Enterprise Resource Planning solution with superior customer focused experience. An out-of-the-box offering tailored to perfectly suit to add business value to your organization. Outperform your competition for an improved financial result and a strong bottom line with consistent and reliable information with real-time transparency. Let us evaluate your business requirements.

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