Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise Application

Modernize your existing systems, build your digital footprint with the best enterprise Application Development, and enhance your working systems phenomenally. Our team undertakes the complete project entailing all phases like Ideation, Design, User Experience, Technology Architecture, Development, Implementation, and Maintenance. Our research has introduced innovative technologies to help corporates in Video Conferencing,  Remote Assistance, Fleet Management, Accounting, CRM, Payroll and ERP, etc.

Development Services

Our decade long expertise has leveraged enterprise Application Development services to support businesses. Apps Team supports companies with scalable solutions  in the following aspects and processes:


This is where the spadework happens for the entire project – the ideation phase. We work out project models for enterprise Application Development for small businesses for enhanced IT products globally.


Enhancing customer interactions with innovative designs leverage sales goal fulfillment easily.  Custom made designs are curated by the Apps Team to ensure customer happiness and long term association. 

User Experience

Every visitor should feel comfortable with the way the website or mobile app is shaped. The more comfortable, the better the user experience. We strive to meet all the scenarios for product perfection.

Technology Architecture

A Strategic Technology architecture is a must for the enterprise Application Development services delivered from our side. It builds seamless products that can work well in all work environments. 

Development & Implementation

We start with MVP which lends the client a transparent understanding of IT solutions planned out. This development and implementation will be streamlined to avoid hitches and bring forth desired results.


Quality check for varying devices and user environments are tested, and the complete maintenance and support is detailed to the client before the entire product goes live. This ensures customer satisfaction.

Emerging Technologies for Enterprise

Apps Team launches emerging technologies after detailed research and multi-faceted expertise. The process enforced for enterprise Application Development for b2b companies can channel business growth with a focused strategy. 

Artificial Intelligence

Own the next-level AI-based products, and custom-made software solutions that automate business operations, within flawless frameworks, that are heavily secured with Big Data, ML,  and the latest technologies.

Internet of Things

Work in a well-structured site architecture, transforming work performance on IoT devices in a totally secure manner. Our IT products are fully fledged to use Big Data and gain market leadership optimally. 

Machine Learning

Using adaptive iterative work models designed for enterprise Application Development for b2c projects convert data with predictive analysis using our top-notch Machine learning algorithms. 

Tools & Technologies We Use

Our Enterprise level expertise is dynamically versatile to sync in with existing IT systems like Accounting, CRM, ERP, Video Conferencing, Fleet Management, and Remote Assistance.

  • Remove Groovy

  • Rust

  • Scala

  • Remove JDBC / JPA

  • JMS

  • Hibernate

  • EJB

  • Apache Camel

  • LDAP / Active Directory

  • Reactive (Akka, RxJava, Reactor)

  • iOS

  • Android

  • React

  • JavaScript

  • Angular

Database Management
  • MySQL

  • Oracle SQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • Microsoft SQL

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Google Cloud

  • Microsoft Azure

What are Enterprise
Software Solutions?

Are you in search of the best enterprise Application Development for larger business for your upcoming venture? The Apps Team Enterprise software solutions align all the vital functions of a company under one platform. Such well-integrated IT software solutions will process, secure, operate, and conduct data transfer to help departments across boundaries and time zones. The enterprise applications are cyber-protected and backed with specific user privileges. Only the key persons involved will have data access. Summing up, this is a perfect application for multi-tiered companies. 

  • Health care

  • Home improvement

  • Retail/Ecommerce

  • Automotive/Logistics

  • Manufacturing

  • Education

Our Industry Experience

With a decade-long enriched technological expertise, Apps Team is the go-to solutions provider for enterprise Application Development services for small and big businesses in a multi-faceted manner. 

Health care

Custom-made enterprise Application Development for healthcare designed by the Apps Team will give healthcare companies an upper edge to handle patient data, diagnosis, and communications in the most secure and analytical manner.

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Home improvement

Streamline home improvement processes digitally with high-power technologies to eliminate the chance of flaws, and empower staff at every phase of construction, home decor, renovations, and all connected services. 

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Retail/ Ecommerce

Envision customer delight, and take your online marketplaces to the next level of business with our proven enterprise Application Development for b2b and any business that wants to set an online footprint. 

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From optimized route trackers, real-time communications, and organized support systems, automotive and logistics companies can use IoT sensors designed by Apps Team to monitor staff and ensure timely deliverances.

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Using high-quality Manufacturing enterprise Application Development for larger business and startups, streamline time-consuming factory processes with automated workflows.  Using the latest technologies like Odoo, our custom made products are worth trying.

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Impart knowledge and personalized learning experiences hassle-free with the perfect enterprise Application Development services processed for all knowledge-related companies. This keeps data secure and allows students and teachers to network at ease.

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Apps Team Successful projects in enterprise applications

Below are some of the various enterprise Check out the various enterprise applications projects our team has developed for various industries.

Al Bidda Warehouse Management System

Store, Retrieve Securely 

AL Bidda WH Management system is a web application for Al Biddha customers to Retrieve, View and Return Records stored in the Al Biddha Record Management Warehouse. The application features  user permissions and approval systems  to protect users and customer records. Records can be requested by customers from the Warehouse, add selected records to the cart, request retrieval, return, and also update new data collections via this application. Within a few clicks, it enables great experiences.

Tahaboo Driver Application

Delivery made easy !!

An innovative launch from Apps Team is the Tahaboo Driver Application – meant to level up performances. This agile delivery app is perfect to guide drivers about notifications and keep track of communications, performance, and timelines. Drivers can accept the delivery request and  fulfill it in the best way for the customer. The application is a perfect companion for the delivery organization as this  enterprise Application Development for b2c is meant to level up performances.

Tahaboo eCommerce Application

A Complete Gifting Solution

Strike long-lasting gifting experiences with the Tahaboo ecommerce application from Apps Team. With a multi-vendor interface, it enables customers to buy gifts, opt for gift wrap options, and mention delivery dates, and the recipient address in certain locations where the company functions.  Customers have the facility to send personalized tests and messages to keep as an add-on to the gift, thereby personalizing the gift experience