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We at Apps, develop end-to-end Home Improvement software solutions that are perfect for various niches of business and work responsibilities. If your company caters to innovative projects for home maintenance, home improvement, and home renovations, then our tailor made technological platform will be your best backend support. Equip your staff, management and sales, and onsite staff with this workflow solution to avoid the hitches of work and enable productive work deliverances worldwide. 
This all in one platform is a complete package for all levels of human resources that are directly or indirectly related to business like materials management, construction, interior designing, logistics, and services. 

Flooring Software Solutions

We have formulated the best flooring software to enhance the quality of your Home Improvement Projects and build the business workflow in the most augmented manner. This comprehensive solution is meant for flooring companies to manage materials, store management, cost, staff, and work deliverances in a distinct manner. 

Windows & Roofing Technology

Every home will have a multitude of home construction needs for the windows and roofing areas. Often our innovative DIY Home Improvement has been a seamless blueprint solution to fix such home renovations and improvement woes. From designing to cost estimations, the application is a reliable companion for construction firms.

Contractors & Field Services

The Apps Team brings forth workable solutions with high end Home Improvement Tips that are extremely beneficial for contractors and also the field service teams. With real-time updates, scheduling, query and complaint upload, status communications, resource allocation, and route progress, teams can collaborate easily, and fix errors – both on-site and off-the-site.


Using the Remodelling software solutions will augment Home Improvement Ideas professionally. We have intuitive templates, software, tools, and remodeling applications that give an overview of homes, offices, and various construction spaces. This adaptable and versatile software enhances the final work deliverance, and cost minimization with quality checks.

Customer & Constructions

Scale up your construction management software solutions to the next level with the Home Improvement Tools to cater to your customers in the way they need without compromising on any company goals.  It is a highly user-friendly platform for companies and startups, and large organizations that wish to exemplify their work technologically. 

Home Improvement Sales

Work smart with Apps Team to strike fruitful leads and empower your home sales campaigns seamlessly. Get an instant track of the Home Improvement Supplies, contact consumers easily, and build your customer base in a logical and streamlined manner, Get data insights, and customize your sales strategies accordingly.

Home Improvement Solutions:
Software for All Businesses

Understanding beyond the ordinary has curated our exceptional Home Improvement software programs to work in accordance with companies and home experts in a comprehensive manner in the following aspects:

  • Home improvement design software

  • Home improvement contractor software

  • Home improvement business software

  • Home improvement computer software

  • Home improvement contract software

Our top-notch Home Improvement Tools have been designed with a lot of research, data analysis, and quality checks to ensure that the complexity of work is simplified with technology in a dynamic and resilient manner.

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Apps Team is backed with years of expertise, coupled with technologists who aim to secure business with extraordinary software solutions. From Home Maintenance projects to innovative DIY Home Improvement Ideas, the Apps Team Platform is a comprehensive solution for construction, service, and sales needs. The ease of use, adaptability to the need and size of the business, and multi-device usability have helped field service staff to handle customers, and earn credibility, better sales leads, and impressive deliverances in a short while. To know how we can customize the software to suit your specific business, get in touch and our experts will give a quick walkthrough into this. 

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