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  • One Team helps you to get involved with the community in an easy and perfect way.

    One Team specializes in creating apps that gives consumers and small businesses valuable information about their communities in an easy to understand, mostly graphic way on their cell phones; helps in connecting people to health care in their communities via public transportation; or to make it easy for people with limited digital or English proficiency to go through intro screens without extensive instructions or pressing many tiny keys.

    We help to give people a quick way to browse through all of the events that take place at your community centre. Members and visitors can also search by keywords and dates for the things that interest them. Our apps also allow the user to catch up on the latest happenings in your community in their spare time.

    With the help of our Apps you can:

    • Search for Restaurants, Cafes or any places you want to visit in the community.
    • Filter the searches by distance, price, ratings etc.
    • Find great deals offered by your favourite local businesses.
    • Go through different advertisements posted by companies, institutions or anyone in your community.
    • Know about the latest events happening, latest movies etc.
    • Buy, rent or lease anything say houses, automobiles etc. in your community.
    • Write reviews, add photos or tips about anything and also you can browse through the reviews and find out what is great in your community.
    • Check in and share on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media Networks.

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