School Management Mobile Application Features

Multi-tier access.

School Management solution offers three different level of user access to the system. Super admin for school administrators, admin access to teachers & school staff and individual access for parents.

Instant Notifications

Real time notifications can be send to the parents using push notifications feature integrated to the custom mobile applications created as a part of our educational institution management solutions.

Students Perfromance Reports

Using the performance reports section in the mobile application parents can view various performance reports like attendance reports, exam marksheets of their child.

Customized Admin Web Portal

Using customised admin portal administrators can monitor & control various aspects of the mobile applications. Web portal also provides features like bulk uploading of files, creating class schedules and assigning teachers etc.


Announcements section in the admin web portal helps to send or schedule messages to parents & staff at once or individually making the whole tedious process of communication simple & efficient.

Bulk Uploads of Files

Easily upload important documents like report cards, flyers, brochuresed in customizable document folders and much more directly from the web admin portal!


Hassle-free web dashboard for educational providers

Educational Provider management solution offers a responsive communication tool, which brings on a common footing for institution, staffs, and parents. Our customised mobile app solution eliminates duplication of administrative effort by reducing paperwork and unnecessary phone calls to improve office productivity. Customised mobile app solution for schools is a powerful branding and marketing tool effective at increasing affinity. Our customised mobile app offers one-click for an administrator to tap student records, staff details, attendances, class schedules and more!..


Make connections easier

Educational Provider management solution works flawlessly to anticipate user needs and deliver everything they want with just a simple taps. Our customised mobile app solution offers quick access to everything campus-related to the on the go parents via push notifications. Our custom mobile solution for institutions allows constituents to stay up-to-date with your campus information by delivering updates instantly to their smartphones. Our customised mobile app solution for institution enhances communication in a modern and completely user-friendly way.

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