Agile, Flexible, Scalable Cloud Services

Cloud, enterprises vie to stay one step ahead of the competition by combining both traditional and agile IT infrastructures. Unlock the full potential of cloud experience most effectively with Apps Team to optimize and drive innovations. Apps Team’s global suite of cloud and hosting solutions accelerate your businesses to take full advantage of cloud services and infrastructure quickly, easily and seamlessly.

Switch on Cloud, align your IT

Cloud brings endless opportunities to do the business more efficiently and productively to become more agile, flexible and effective go-to-market strategy that is imperative for modern business success. Apps Team delivers a holistic approach to cloud transformation from consulting to execution, and from migration to management that accelerates your businesses move to digital.


Apps Team’s cloud services the way it’s meant to be

Meet your service needs today for current and future business requirements


Take advantage with the right cloud strategy for your core business to accelerate innovation, find new opportunities and effectively focus on IT objectives.


Gain competitive advantage to deploy and optimize business-critical applications on cloud infrastructures with organization level cloud integration strategy in a futuristic approach.


Drive flexibility and efficiency through migrating IT infrastructure, business processes, and different workloads to cloud in a collaborative manner to meet the ongoing challenges.


Unleash the benefits of your flexible cloud infrastructure with an effective monitoring and management to achieve scalability, agility, flexibility and IT cost optimization


Get the advantage of flexible and scalable hybrid IT environment with multiple cloud models, depending upon compliance, business and performance requirements.


Achieve fast failover with an end-to-end backup solution to meet complex backup and DRAAS requirements without getting into the complexities

Stay in business with our stay in business

Simplify your IT with Whatever cloud services you're after

Cloud Infrastructure

Bespoke cloud infrastructure solutions for simplifying IT and delivering assured efficiency. From the world’s leading vendors we’ll create and deploy your ideal infrastructure solution that is efficient, cost effective and let you focus on your core business, whether you're a big enterprise or a small business.

Cloud Host Solution

Whether you are starting a small development project or need to host a high-traffic enterprise site, your best-managed cloud hosting option is here. Take a look at our cloud solutions and then let us know how we can best help you. Build your perfect cloud.

Business Continuity

More than merely protecting data, business continuity bound for hankering to keep up businesses and running when a disaster transpires. On-premise solution, ensuring operational uptime and swift recovery of infrastructure and resources when enterprises struck by the catastrophe. Our business continuity solutions come in when disasters strike.

Meet all your IT needs with an efficiency not seen before

From simple data backup to large-scale infrastructure provision on demand

  • Proven framework & execution approach
  • Futuristic & value-centric cloud integration strategy
  • Integrated implementation & monitoring
  • Higher performance, and better reliability
  • Cloud aggregation across private & public cloud
  • Single governance framework
  • Leverage private cloud infrastructure at our DB
  • Get control, flexibility & visibility
  • Optimum utilization of cloud infrastructure

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