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    Android & iOS Mobile App Analytics Solutions

    As the interest in the mobile platform increases, it doesn’t need the old rules, but the need for analytics is as important as ever. The rapidly emerging digital marketing channel with the growing number of mobile users also demands Mobile Analytics services. Let Apps Team get you on the right path to quality measurement and successful optimization.

    Mobile Analytics capabilities stem your business objectives, with proactive measuring in conversion and engagement behavior of users for the relevant iterations. To stay ahead of your competition you need customer-facing mobile applications that combine user insights with powerful mobile marketing channels like push notifications and in-app messages.

    Our Mobile Analytics Solution

    Apps Team provides a seamlessly mobile analytics service connects your data to your marketing so that you can create mobile marketing experiences with a predictive analytics. Our Team offers intelligent and contextual data about processes, customers and relevant stakeholders with our mobile analytics service for a significant data insight.

    Apps Team helps clients to leverage their mobility footprint by constructing an ecosystem to drive business insights and action aligned with the enterprise mobility strategy. Our team gives you the useful insights and user behavior of your mobile app with our mobile analytics solution. Our services range from:

    • User Analytics
    • Attribution Tracking
    • Segmentation
    • Touch Heatmap
    • Gesture Recognition
    • Push Notification Analytics
    • In-app Purchase Analytics
    • UI Insights
    • Conversion Funnels
    • Crash Analytics

    Why Choose Us to Analyse your Mobile Analytics

    • Gain deep perception of user experience to optimize app performance.

      Our team figures out and compare user experience across multiple platforms or applications through integrated browser, mobile, and custom user data.Proactively engage users with a seamless digital experience to gain loyalty and influence business outcomes.

    • Optimize user journey to power successful business outcomes.

      Our team leverage OOTB analysis and visualization widgets to know user engagement and conversion.Perform ad-hoc analysis to get answers in real-time on mobile and custom user data.

    • Know-how your users to optimize user engagement.

      Get answers to who/when/where/what/how about user data to optimize your app and increase user adoption by understanding engagement drivers.

    • Deliver insights in real-time with AppDynamics Query Language (ADQL)

      Delivers results and insights faster with SQL syntax that reduces the learning curve. Run advanced, fast and nested data searches to perform ad-hoc analysis in real-time.

    • Mobile Analytics is our forte

      We have a team with years of experience in working across different industry verticals with both lead generation and e-commerce businesses.

    • Expert mobile analytics professionals

      We have a team of experienced mobile analytics professionals who have strong optimization, and analytical skills with a unique mix of tactical and strategic skills.

    • Solid execution and testing skills:

      We have a strong team of certified professionals, who are capable of doing execution using of the best Tag Management Solutions for e-marketing.

    What You Get When you Work With US

    Our team offers out of the box visualizations and interactive custom CMS to get effective and actionable insights to monitor trends and influence business outcomes. With rapid visualization and analysis of multiple fields for your app, you will also get

    • Digital Measurement and Operational Strategy Our team can help you to create a multi-channel digital measurement strategy and processes for tagging various digital assets and keep them over time.
    • Corporate Data Governance Our team will work together to ensure regular data collection across your entire business for the best adoption of measurement and reporting processes, consistency in data collection and accuracy of the data.
    • Data and System Integration Our team will create a complete view of your digital marketing performance by connecting external data sources from 3rd party services to your app.
    • Reporting Automation and Excel Report cards Our team will provide a custom view into the performance of digital marketing initiatives with excel-based report cards that convert your app data into dynamic business outcomes.
    • Ongoing Analysis and Insight Our team will assist you with ongoing support and optimization of your app including administration, data collection, data analysis and report interpretation, performance monitoring, troubleshooting, and training.

    Every day more and more developers are developing, creating, measuring and tracking with app analytics and discovering their app from the user's view.Let's talk about how Apps Team can help you better understand your users.

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