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    Apps Team provides solutions to drive adaptation of mcommerce, mbanking, payments & information.

    The finance industry was one of the first industries to adopt mobile, with the first mobile banking services using WAP implemented in 2000. Since then mobile finance adoption, and especially mbanking, has exploded. Pew Research Center, Federal Reserve, has stated that nearly 20% of mobile owners used mobile phone banking within the past 12 months. Yankee Group states that currently, 27% of all survey respondents use banking and predicts that there will be 500 million m-banking users globally by 2015, while Juniper predicts that mobile banking users will exceed 1 billion in 2017, representing 15% of Global Mobile Subscribers.

    Apps Team has been providing some of the most advanced financial services such as new marketing strategies, financial solutions etc to the biggest companies in the world.

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