Short Chores


Short Chores believes that everyone has their own set of skills that they actually like to do whether it is to fix a car, paint houses, take care of children, run errands, assemble or move furniture, etc.
So why not utilize these skills within your own neighborhood and make some money?
We will find customers for you, so you can focus on your skills and getting the job done right. Your customer ratings are everything!
The Short Chores App provides a detailed map showing anyone around your neighborhood area that needs a chore to be completed and other service providers in your area as well.
Need a summer job? Not getting enough hours at your current job? Are you working on an unpaid internship?
Help a neighbor and make a profit doing so.

Our Contributions

  • Design, Development and store submission

Supported Devices

  • iPhone
  • Android

Development Tools/Environments

  • Xcode
  • Eclipse

iPhone Link:

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