G.O.A.T. Pet Speaker


G.O.A.T. Pet Speaker, Shark Tank Winner! Give a voice to the voiceless!

Incredible Features:

  • Simply clip to your pet’s collar leash or use the included pet parent lanyard and download the G.O.A.T. Pet Speaker app
  • Bluetooth sync speaker to G.O.A.T. Pet Speaker’s app (be sure to click on G.O.A.T. under Bluetooth settings and when in Selfie mode go back and click G.O.A.T. Selfie)
  • Create pet profile, personalize with photo: set language/accent, boy/girl, select Dog/Cat/Bird
  • Customize your pet’s responses under ‘Recordings’ with your own voice or type in and choose from the many languages and accents….. So much FUN!
  • Selfie remote shutter button right on bottom of speaker, take pics with your pet – no need for Selfie sticks 🙂
  • Organize your pet’s schedule (ex. playdates, grooming, meds) in pets own personal calendar.
  • Stream their favorite music while on a walk or play their favorite lullaby for nap time. (Caution: Speaker has amazing sound quality, be sure to only use at the volume your pet is comfortable with).

Our Contributions

  • Design, Development and store submission

Supported Devices

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android

Development Tools/Environments

  • Xcode
  • Android Studio

iPhone Link:

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Android Link:

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