New Features In Odoo 11 ERP Solution


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Odoo 11 Features

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What’s Odoo?

A leading open source all-in-one management software created to unleash every company’s potential by providing various modules like CRM, Sales, Project Management, Purchase, HR etc merged to one single platform and provided as a cloud or Saas model to suit companies regardless whether they are small, midsize or Large corporations.

Why Should I Use Odoo For My Business?

Odoo framework build on strong technical foundations is unique. Using the open source model Odoo has leveraged the expertise of thousands of developers & business experts to build hundreds of apps which will help your company to be agiler.

Also from a usability standpoint, odoo provides top-notch usability which scales across all their apps. Any usability improvements made in the odoo solutions will be automatically updated in all of the fully integrated applications allowing your custom odoo ERP solution to grow faster than any other.

So What’s New in Odoo 11?

In the latest Odoo Experience event, Odoo revealed their latest version Odoo 11 which focused on helping their users to become better at their jobs and to accomplish more using Odoo. In Odoo 11 they have worked on the small details which, put together, will make using Odoo smoother and more harmonious.

Odoo 11 Features

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