Incorporating Automation In The Development Process


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Incorporating Automation In The Development Process

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If you are running a business or a company on your own, you would have noticed that there are some processes or applications that you keep repeating over and over again. Have you ever wondered how much time and effort you would save if you automated those processes?

Automation in the development process may at first sound, not an immediate requirement. But after you have carefully analyzed its benefits, you might want to consider them.

Why Do Some Companies Shy Away From Automation?

For some companies, the process they repeat may be a small one. So they would be just neglecting the time and effort consumed for repeating that one process over and over again.

In some other cases, the company might want to implement automation. But there might be some factors that prevent them from doing so. Two such major culprits that prevent a company from incorporating automation within their development process are:

  • Legacy code
  • Silos

What Are Silos?

Depending on the industry that is being referred to, the terms used for its explanation may vary here and there. But the meaning of silos and how they hinder the process of automation in a company remains the same regardless of the industry. Here in this write-up, we will take the IT industry to explain what silos mean.

Silos are usually an isolated point in the company, where data stored separately from the other parts of the company. The problem with silos is the information is held in one place and not shared. Information that is not shared is useless.

In a company each Silos perform their function without taking into consideration what happens next. Information should be passed accordingly for a process to be automated. In Silos the data is never shared, so it hinders the automation process in every company.

What Are Legacy Codes?

A program code is written by one of the developers in your company. One day he or she leaves and another developer takes over the program codes. Over the course of years, the code requires some maintenance or modifications. In order to achieve this, the program code is patched up. After several patch-ups, the program code finally becomes a complex one.

Advantages Of Automating The Development Process

Incorporating automation in the development process of a company has many benefits. We’ll take a close look at the major ones here.

  • Speeds up work.
  • The companies that implement automation have a competitive advantage over their competitors.
  • It helps reduce the operating costs and also saves labour time.
  • Improves the reliability of the task, support and development.

In order to automate the development process, always pick an application that is good to go; that means, one which is automation friendly. Also, make sure that it is managed by a single team and ensure a free flow of data so that everyone sees the big picture and do not just concentrate on their tasks in development.

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