How Chatbots Meet Customer’s Real Intents


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Chatbots Meet Customer Intents

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As customer expectations are rising faster, they want to have simpler means to interact with businesses to get a faster response to a question or complaint. This behavior is similar to all customer focused markets, such as retail, finance, healthcare, where the loyalty of the customer depends on the quality of engagement with the business. Communication with the customer is crucial, as the systematic relationship between consumers and quality of information are the key aspects influencing the brand trust. Chatbots offer a new automated interaction channel with the customer. One single platform, for instance, Facebook Messenger, supports the interaction to build personalized, custom communications with your business audience.

Chatbots Understands The Real Intentions

With chatbots, we’re getting an enhanced channel where the customer is able to explicitly ask for what they actually in need of, and this is the complexity of working with chatbots, the ability to understand what the user’s real intent is. Every word typed in by the customer has a specific meaning. For instance, there are many ways to say “my favorite color is white”, “most liked color is white”, “I like the white color the most”, etc. Invariably with hyped chatbots, we need to tone down the expectations as it has the ability to dig through a vast amount of data to pick out the best nugget for your customers, whether it is a troubleshooting solution or a recommendation for a new product to try.

Benefits From Chatbots

Chatbots enhance different aspects of the customer experience.

  1. Enhanced Customer service:
  2. Chatbots bolster your support center’s response time by endowing round the clock support, quick and straightforward response to customer queries and concerns. They are programmed to serve as after-hours “representatives” when your techie is unavailable.

  3. Proactive Engagement With Customers:
  4. Instead of waiting for customers seek out your brand, you can seek out new customers by proactively offering them product information, often when they’re already seeking it. If a potential customer mentions on a messaging app that they’re looking for, say, a new washing machine, and that is something you sell, your chatbot can instantly let the user know it, including product details and ordering information.

  5. More Customer Insights:
  6. Chatbots holds information to improve its efficiency and accuracy of products and services offered through machine learning. Chatbot understands issues typically experienced by your customers, whether they are using your app or on your site from the questions they ask. Make use of these insights to take business decisions to eliminate such issues and improve the customer experience.

Bottom Line

In today’s world where customers want to engage with the service providers on their channel of choice, in a personalized and contextual way, chatbots can provide customer support that is relevant to their specific needs as quickly and conveniently as possible. Chatbots are a great for businesses to take benefits, in a way that supports your client interaction, customer relation and boost the overall productivity of the team to enhance customer satisfaction.

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