Challenges Facing The Development Of Enterprise Mobile Apps


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Challenges Facing The Development Of Enterprise Mobile Apps

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At present mobile apps are rather cheap to execute that there are many people involved in their development and use. When considering a mobile app for the enterprise or business, there are some key criteria to meet. Enterprises have used these apps for the functioning and existence of enterprises. Unless done just right, the app could be the source of concern as it could leak data and at the time provide a path for entry or break into the main structure of the enterprise or business.

Thus some general functional areas need to be addressed by anyone handling the typical enterprise mobile app and rather than go by some set of standards to work on it is convenient to lay out a minimum set of guidelines as is being attempted here.

1. Getting The Right People For The Job

Despite the prevalence of mobile apps to most parts of business activities, it is that the apps have not received the kind of serious attention that it so deserves. This is an ongoing issue which should sort itself over as more people and enterprises take to using more apps. Thus the average developer or coder does not consider the apps with the due weight that it deserves.

The typical HR team would always be at pains to get the best coders and programmers to start working on developing mobile apps. It is less rewarding, to begin with, and this element is going to remain in recruiting circles for some more time to come. The better acceptability of the mobile platform and increased utility of the same would ensure this mindset would change in time.

2. Better Security Features

Anything connected to the internet does face issues with security in general, and one of the features that made apps less preferred until now were the security concerns associated with its use. Thus if there is one element of app development that needs immediate attention, then it has to be the issue of increased security of the platform.

There have been numerous instances when whole enterprises have been compromised by the failure of the mobile app to isolate the business from the prying public or even some of the vested interests. If indeed the mobile app has to take off as a serious platform for conducting business and transactions, then the security provided by the apps is a very pressing issue.

3. User-Friendly Interfaces

Much like the early desktop applications, the mobile apps are plagued by the issue of getting to be friendly to use to the mobile phone owner. One of the critical reasons for this is the lack of sufficient computing power in the smartphones of the day. This factor is getting to be less of an issue with some compelling mobile platforms being introduced into the market.

Equally important is the manner the changes are taking place in the use and application of the mobile apps that it is not easy to have a regular set of guidelines to work to. With the maturing of the industry, it would follow that more friendly to use mobile apps interfaces.

4. Getting The Better Of Device Fragmentation

If a brief study is done to the number of mobile phone manufacturers that are present in the market, it would soon be evident of the complexity of providing for each of the systems in widespread use. Despite the best efforts by industry watch bodies it has been that there is not much of a consensus to what to offer with each type of handset. This is further amalgamate by the completion in the smartphone market that each manufacturer tries to outdo the other by trying to be innovative.

Thus it is indeed a cacophonic situation that more or less prevails in the mobile device market, and it would take a certain amount of maturity to settle in before things get any better.

5. Putting To Best Use What Is Available

Often when a particular component of the mobile app is chosen, there would be certain strong points to it. But it might be some other part of the app might not work to the best with this first component. Considering that a typical mobile app has a number of components and systems, it really is a mix and match effort that in the end produces the most optimum result. Most enterprises are focused on the cost incurred in using a system, even if it is a mobile app. The best solutions are often the most cost-effective to implement and keep in working condition as well.

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