Points To Watch Out For While Implementing Software Security
5 Points To Watch Out For While Implementing Software Security

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The term software security holds different meanings to different people involved in software development. It would not be the same for someone handling the e-commerce application as compared to the individual working on saying the banking software. The issues to all software tools and applications do have standard features like keeping personal data secure, providing […]

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UX Mistakes To Avoid In Website & Mobile App Designing
6 UX Mistakes To Avoid During Website & Mobile App Designing

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When you’re designing a website/app, creating web content, or running an online business then user experience is extremely important. You want to create an awesome design, killer content and powerful features. And yes, you need to communicate effectively and inspire your users to keep coming back. You aren’t going to be very successful at it […]

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UI For eCommerce
8 UI Best Practices for eCommerce

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e-Commerce websites are arising at an incredibly fast rate without any geographical restrictions and boundaries, allowing shoppers to shop at their convenience. In spite of the advantages, e-Commerce websites often fail in their primary objective of making the purchase easy for customers. Here are the 8 UI design elements that every e-commerce store must have […]

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