Appium Framework The Cross-Platform Solution for Mobile Test Automation


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Appium Mobile Test Automation Framework

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The demand for mobile applications and enterprise application development is on the rise as more and more people make smartphones as an integral part of their day to day life. When it comes to delivering a high quality, engaging mobile apps which not only perform well but also boost revenue, mobile application testing plays a crucial role.

To address the needs of testing a complex network environment with sophisticated application software requires an effective mobile app testing platform which is secure as well supports automated functional and non-functional testing capability while focusing on functional and user interface (UI).

Appium: a cross-browser mobile app testing automation framework

Appium is a free open-source test automation framework to automate the mobile application testing. It is a wrapper that uses the JSON wire protocol internally to interact with iOS and Android native apps using the Selenium WebDr translates.

Automating mobile application testing for Android and iOS is a key function handled by Appium. Appium facilitates code reuse between test suites so you can write your tests against iOS and Android platforms using the same API. As the UI elements are different on the iOS and Android platforms you still need separate scripts for the both.

Appium: Why Should You Care?

As defined, Appium is secure, open-source, cross-platform test automation framework for native, mobile web, and hybrid applications on Android and IOS platforms. Appium is OS independent, but device dependent; depending on the platform it translates Selenium Webdriver commands into the respective commands. Scripts developed with Appium maximize the speed, coverage, and effectiveness of mobile app testing on real devices. It also brings development and quality assurance closer together for faster mobile application delivery and better quality.

Appium: Why should you Choose?

  • Opens the door to cross-platform mobile testing which means the same test would work on multiple platforms.
  • Unlike other tools, it doesn’t require any third-party code to compile into your app to make it automation friendly.
  • Enables a variety of frameworks and programming languages by wrapping the vendor-provided frameworks in the WebDriver API that specifies a client-server protocol.
  • For a tester, the programming language and the whole experience would remain same irrespective of the automating platform as all complexities are under the hood of Appium server
  • Possible to Execute multiple tests on multiple platforms without the need to manage them.
  • Able to run test sequences with hundreds of test cases, across multiple platforms.
  • Enables the view and share of device interactions with colleagues using in real-time built-in collaborative screencasting
  • On-demand testing and leverage results directly

Let’s make it even better!

Compared to all the other test automation tools Appium offers the best solution for mobile testing. Among all other mobile app automation tools available Appium automation framework is best considered by testers. So if you already zeroed upon Appium for your mobile test automation, it’s a good decision to go for it.

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