A Brief-Up On AI To Help You Understand About It Better


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A Brief-Up On AI

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Today, AI (Artificial Intelligence) has stolen the limelight. There are many, who have no clue as to what it is all about. Added to this, there is a lot of fire added by the media; both the news and the entertainment media that portray AI as some sort of human replacement (which is efficient than the human brain), how humans lose their jobs, and finally, the whole world is chaos and an unpleasant place to live in.

Now, a large portion of this confusion comes from the failure to understand what exactly is AI and also the main difference between AI and machine learning.

What Is AI?

In order to clearly understand about AI first we need to clear up a misconception. Many believe that Artificial Intelligence is a system. This is entirely wrong, AI by itself is not a system. It is something; more like a functionality that can be applied onto a system to enhance its working, which in turn would boost its efficiency by several folds.

Now, to answer the question, Artificial Intelligence is that functionality which when implemented on a machine will allow it to imitate human intelligence. All of today’s researches and works try to and are focusing successful implementation of AI on machines; especially, the computer system.

Logic and reasoning are two aspects wherein, the human brain stays superior to machines. All the researches on incorporating AI with the computer systems aim at giving these machines the ability to think and take decisions in a similar fashion as that of the human brain.

What Is Machine Learning?

Unlike in AI, In Machine Learning, the machine learns all by itself without being programmed for its actions. Machine Learning is an application of AI that would help the machine to analyze, learn for itself and improve the way it performs based on its experiences.

For example, if what we need is to create a program, we only need to provide the machine with the proper input and the final output. The machine with the Machine Learning capability will itself design, develop and give the program.

Major Difference Between Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

  • In Artificial Intelligence, the system is programmed to acquire intelligence and also to apply what it has learned.
  • The aim of AI is to increase the chances for success and is not on accuracy.
  • It is a high-end computer program that gets work done smartly.
  • Through AI, systems which can mimic human responses during various situations are developed.

Machine Learning

  • In Machine Learning, the system is built to learn and acquire knowledge on its own from the various experiences that it encounters.
  • The major aim of Machine Learning is to increase the chances of accuracy. It does not care about success.
  • It is a simple machine that is developed to take in data and learn from it.
  • ML involves in learning and creating algorithms all by itself from the knowledge acquired through learning.

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