7 Great Reasons How AR/VR Are Incorporated In The E-commerce To Help Businesses Grow


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How AR/VR Are Incorporated In The E-commerce To Help Businesses Grow

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When it comes to doing great business, every innovation that accomplishes the goals of giving customers a great shopping experience always makes that business stand out.

Today, with technological advancements at their peak, there are several options and areas that are wide open for the businesses in the industry to try and explore. The customer needs are changing and so are their expectations. Here, we will take a look at how one such innovative idea changed the way businesses are done.

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are two of the significant technological advancements that have entirely changed the customer experience.

All of you must be familiar with Microsoft’s Kinect Technology for Retail Clothing Scenario, a video which was published in 2013. The video shows how virtual reality can help to improve customer experience became a huge hit. Well, today, the advancements are significantly notable with several famous brands and businesses implementing both AR and VR to give their customers a better experience.

7 Ways How AR/VR Is Changing Customer Experience

Give detailed information about the product:Now it’s the era of smartphones. Every person has one and uses to for almost everything including shopping. With the use of AR, an individual can get all the information about a product on their smartphones. Even better, they can even compare the prices of the same product provided by different brands at the same time. All of this can be done by simply pointing their phone to the product on the shelf!

Explore the store from the comforts of your home:Earlier, a walk or drive was required to visit a store. Now, if you have the VR headset, then you can visit the store from your home! A business that has incorporated VR by creating a virtual store, then their customers can easily visit the store without any actual travel. Using the VR headset, one can roam around the store as if he had personally visited the place.

Try on the products before paying for them:Probably this idea is every consumer wishes to come true. Well, with VR and AR, this wish is one that has come true. If it is a furniture piece that one intends to buy, he or she can try how it looks by virtually placing it at their place.

More opportunity for businesses to give personalized offers:With several users defining their personal tastes while shopping online, and also by analysing their past behaviours, it is possible for businesses to give him customized offers that would compel him to buy more.


With e-commerce shopping blooming, implementing AR/VR on mobile apps can open new doorways to set up businesses that help improve both customer experience and sales. The immersive experience that both AR and VR provide users both a shopping experience that is equally fun, convenient and more businesses are now turning to explore its potentials.

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