5 Points To Watch Out For While Implementing Software Security


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Points To Watch Out For While Implementing Software Security

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The term software security holds different meanings to different people involved in software development. It would not be the same for someone handling the e-commerce application as compared to the individual working on saying the banking software. The issues to all software tools and applications do have standard features like keeping personal data secure, providing a failsafe connection, using encryption to improve services better and to keep the data safe and so on.

The term a secure operating environment for the software has to follow some minimum set of guidelines to provide the best working environment to the end customer. With a field like software development, there are independent bodies that audit software and hardware systems to give inputs to the concerned personnel the status of the systems that they are using and at times implementing. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) does come out with a list of operational standards from time to time and has been doing so since 2003.

OWASP And Its Role In Security Issues

The OWASP Top Ten Project released every three years or so has been the industry standard as far as the security of operating systems and applications since the release of the first version in 2003. They are cited by industry bodies like MITRE, DISA, the FTC, and the likes. The project releases do have points to be noted by the developing community as well as the hardware provider as well. It could well be considered the most comprehensive manual that seeks to address the most critical concerns in the field at the particular instance in time.

The past reports by OWASP and a few other authorities in internet security have been taken into consideration in compiling the five most essential watchpoints for software security. The stress here is to remain relevant to the security concerns in the field as well as have a proper perspective of the past issues, which could in turn point to future developments as well.

1. Securing Personal Data

The prevalent tendency of most platforms on the web to consider personal data of users and subscribers as a tradable commodity has been dealt a deadly blow by the high priority. That most security protocols and research papers have given to keeping such information secure and free from the prying eyes. That such data can be used to the benefit of some players who have the means to access such information and hence skew the field is a matter of grave concern.

2. Use The OWASP Reports As A Minimum Operating Condition

The OWASP reports are recommendations than protocols to be followed. It would be best to keep the reports in providing a set of security services that aims at maintaining the lowest preparedness advocated by the OWASP. So the industry leaders must meet objectives as the standards which are in essence higher than mentioned in the OWASP reports. It would be worthwhile to follow the most recent of report releases and to maintain a proper perspective at all times.

3. Better Understanding Security

A flaw with most developers is that they focus on providing a robust set of operational features without paying the needed attention to security and related issues. Often it is the testing phases that most matters relating to encryption and keeping the data and the like crops up. If the developing community could be better impressed with the need to pay the necessary attention to improving and updating security as with the rest of the operational parameters, it would not only address the most pressing security issues but provide for better-operating systems.

4. Problems With Leaky Apps

With the present trend to use apps, the challenges faced with providing secure and encrypted handling of data has gained tremendous importance. One of the main reasons why apps are notorious in leaking out data has to do with the relative inexperience on the most parts of app developers in implementing the high standards of security needed of them. Equally important is the role of home developers in the field of app developers who could not be aware of the issues concerning the protection of data and more importantly a lack of sufficient knowledge on how to keep data secure.

5. Better Management Of Supportive Services

The present trends in software and apps development are the dependency on domain experts who could contribute to just smaller parts of the whole application. This calls for better coordination of service points among the participants and to integrate the entire platform into a working whole. This is where the better management of dependant services comes to play and would provide for a more secure application as well.

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